authentic, down-to-earth widsom from one dad to another
This much-needed guidebook addresses the spiritual and emotional health of fathers as well as their financial and practical arrangements. Using the experience of his own divorce and the real-life stories of other single dads, The Single Dad Detour is a humorous and invaluable companion for single dads at all stages of their journey.
single dad detour
tez brooks
Tez Brooks is the father of four children and a missionary filmmaker for The Jesus Film Project. He has also been a journalist for Cru and a Florida law enforcement officer. Tez has been speaking and writing books and articles for over thirty years.
what people are saying

“Practical steps to embrace God’s mission for single-again dads.”
—Bill Hodgson
, national director, Campus Crusade for Christ Australia

“If I were a single parent on this journey, I’d want Tez’s comforting voice on my GPS.”
—Rick James
, author of Jesus Without Religion

“Wisely, honestly, and courageously deep-dives into how divorced fathers can survive being single and still be really good dads.”
—Rohan Dredge
, founder and CEO of New Level Leadership

 “Easy to read and use. There’s no delusion, only sincere assistance for men on this detour, offering real help to see them through.”
— Mike Klumpp
, solo parenting expert for Divorce Care Ministries, and author of The Single Dad’s Survival Guide

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